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Excellent craftsmanship transforms the harsh Swartland terroir into the pinnacle of our winemaker’s art.


Our passion &  commitment to showcase the lesser known varietals from beautiful vineyards that thrive in the Swartland.

22 Families

The Old Vine Project of South Africa recognises the importance of caring for vineyards to enable them to grow to a healthy, productive old age, producing a sustainable farming model, and wine with unique character.

Riebeek Cellars Collection

In the Swartland region only the toughest vines and people thrive. The Collection range celebrates the courageous spirit in all of us. It is the reward for overcoming adversity against all odds.

Pieter Cruythoff

In honour of Lieutenant Pieter Cruythoff, who discovered the Riebeek Valley, this luxurious, sparkling wine celebrates life in the Swartland.


Naturally lighter in alcohol, mouth-wateringly fruity, Montino offers a surprisingly fresh and lively wines. A brighter, lighter style of wine.


Only free run juice is used for the purest fruit expression (i.e. no pressed grape must: as pressing the grapes add astringent flavours from the skins and pips). After settling and acid adjustment, the fresh grape must was inoculated with selected yeast. Fermentation was colder than usual to capture the delicate floral and upfront fruit flavours. The wine is bottled with CO2 in a Petillant style (lightly sparkling).

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